Commencing 31 January 2018, the NSW Government will allocate $207 million over four years to establish Active Kids.

Active Kids is a program to help NSW families meet the cost of getting their kids into sport and active fitness and recreation activities. It is a voucher scheme and parents must apply for a voucher with Service NSW (i.e. not from Epping Eastwood FC or FNSW).

Every child (4.5 – 18 years’ old) enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12 will be eligible for an Active Kids Voucher. This includes those who are home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW. Only one voucher per child can be claimed per calendar year.

Epping Eastwood FC is a registered provider and you can use your voucher as a $100 discount on junior/mini player registration with us.

For registrations BEFORE 31 January 2018, there will be the option for you to select a $100 deferred payment discount at the time of registration via an “Add-On Item” button (at the invoice screen). You should select this option if you plan to claim your $100 Voucher with Epping Eastwood Football Club then provide us with the Voucher Code when it has been obtained from Service NSW.

Parents will be able to select an Add-On item at the invoice screen of the registration which will be known as “Deferred Payment” which effectively reduces the registration invoice by $100. Payments for the remaining portion of the registration fee will be processed as normal, either offline (Manual Payment at Club) or via the MFC Online Payment Gateway. From 31 January 2018 once the voucher system is open, Clubs will follow up with those players/parents registered using the deferred payment option to remind them to access the Service NSW portal to obtain their voucher code then supply it to the Club.

For registrations AFTER 31 January 2018, obtain the Voucher Code first from Service NSW, then head to MyFootballClub to register. At the invoice screen you will see the option to enter in your Active Kids Voucher Code. The system will automatically validate this code and you will receive your discount if you have entered a valid code.

Can we explain all that again? Sure!

Junior Players registering BEFORE 31 January 2018:

  • An “Add-On” item will be set up in the system to be selected by the players PRIOR to January 31. This will be referred to as a “Deferred Payment” with a value of -$100
  • Parents apply for Voucher Code via Service NSW Website from 31 January 2018
  • Parents provide their Voucher Code to their Club
  • Club Checks validity of voucher code and is either granted the $100 from Service NSW
    OR where the code is not valid;
  • Club follows up additional $100 Payment from Parent

Junior Players registering AFTER 31 January 2018:

  • Parents apply for Voucher Code via Service NSW Website
  • Player registers via MyFootballClub
  • At the Invoice screen there will be messaging for parents to enter their Voucher Code
  • The system will automatically check the validity of that code and where approved, the invoice
    will automatically update to be less $100
  • Service NSW will provide the Club with $100 for each eligible code entered by players registered to their Club.
  • Where the code entered by the parent is not valid, the parent will only be able to generate an invoice/make payment for the FULL Registration Fee.

Players will not be fully registered until the Active Kids Voucher Code is submitted and approved (or the additional $100 is otherwise paid).

If you choose not to use an Active Kids Voucher and pay in full, you CANNOT change your mind and use the Voucher later. (Although you can use if for another sport if your child does other activities). Also, you are not required to use an Active Kids Voucher if you don't want to, or if you prefer to use if for something else.

From 15 January 2018 there will be a specific support centre in place for the Active Kids Voucher Program and this will be managed by Service NSW and/or Office of Sport. Any questions or queries in specific relation to the eligibility of a child for the Active Kids Voucher Program will need to be directed to the Service NSW/Office of Sport Support centre (not Epping Eastwood FC).

Note that the Active Kids Voucher can only be used once per year per child and only for one sport each year. It can NOT be exchanged for cash under any circumstances. If you cancel your player registration with us, we can only refund the remaining part of your registration and not the $100 voucher. However if you transfer to another club in GHFA we will transfer the $100 voucher to the other club. We are legally prohibited from refunding the voucher as cash.

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