Let’s face it - everyone likes reading about their team’s efforts on the field and Tigers supporters are no different. Please send in your team’s match report at least 3 times each season and it will be published in our e-newsletter TigerTalk or to be posted on Facebook.  A photo would make this even better.

Never Written a Match Report Before?

Here are some tips:

  • Keep them short - less is more so just include the highlights.
  • Remain positive and encouraging.
  • A picture tells a thousand words - a photo during the game or the whole team at the end (in focus and close enough to clearly see them please)
  • For younger groups, acknowledge new skill development or actions executed that were practiced in training.
  • Share the load - take turns in your team to write the report which lessens the load and keeps them fresh.
  • Remember, TigerTalk and Facebook are accessed by many people in the community outside the Club including our valuable Sponsors - always be respectful to the opposition and supportive of the Club and all players.

Submit your match reports for inclusion in the weekly newsletter here media@tigers.

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