Our Club is run completely by volunteers and we’re always looking for people to help out in any way, large or small.

All our teams need COACHES. We offer FFA accredited coaching courses (free!) for coaches of all age-groups. If you have a child in a “minis” team (U6 to U9) this could be a great chance to start your coaching career. Many of our successful coaches have started this way. Senior players may also want to give coaching a try and pass on their experience to our juniors. Please contact Scott McGoogan (0418 293 303) if you are interested in coaching a team or would like further information.

We also need TEAM MANAGERS for all teams. You don’t need to know anything about football to be a great manager. You just need to know how to communicate with the team (and their parents); mostly it’s by email. It’s not a hard job but it is essential. For parents of junior players, it’s also a great way to meet the parents of your child’s teammates.


Or you might have something else in mind. Feel free to discuss it with us.

Please phone Scott McGoogan on 0418-293-303 if you’re interested or want to find out more.

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