The Tiger’s Management Committee is made up of a terrific bunch of volunteers who put their own time and effort into the many tasks required to ensure our players make it out on the field every week of the season.  It is the Management Committee who oversee everything from registrations to marking the fields each week and coordinating the teams, their kits and the equipment, along with often manning the BBQ and running the canteen.

The 2021 Tigers Committee
President Chris Salmon
Secretary Ian Smith
Treasurer Afia Ovais

Ben Howell

Phoebe Colman

Vice President Scott McGoogan
Director of Football Seb DiBella
Premier League Manager Shayan Khoshab
Minis Coordinator Don Walker
Junior Coordinator Jarrod Mitchell
Senior Coordinator Stu Booty
Ground Manager Andrew McLaren
Trial Game Coordinator Jarrod Mitchell
Director of Coaching Des Chan
Social Media Manager Liam Bowden
Mini Football Head Coach Sam Collins
Committee Maurice Doria
  Daniel McGoogan
  Mark McLaren
  Gabrielle Last

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