Our Club is run completely by volunteers and we’re always looking for people to help out in any way, large or small. A great way to start is to help us at the Registration Days. Even if you only have a couple of hours to spare, we can find something for you to do and give our hard-working committee members a break. It’s a great way to meet everyone too. Please phone Chris Salmon on 0417-696-001 if you’re interested.

All our teams need COACHES. We offer FFA accredited coaching courses (free!) for coaches of all age-groups. If you have a child in a “minis” team (U6 to U9) this could be a great chance to start your coaching career. Many of our successful coaches have started this way. Senior players may also want to give coaching a try and pass on their experience to our juniors. Please contact Mike Luzar (049-621-308) or Chris Salmon (0417-696-001) if you are interested in coaching a team or would like further information.

We also need TEAM MANAGERS for all teams. You don’t need to know anything about football to be a great manager. You just need to know how to communicate with the team (and their parents); mostly it’s by email. It’s not a hard job but it is essential. For parents of junior players, it’s also a great way to meet the parents of your child’s teammates. Please let us know if you are interested.


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